Index of /EKO 425_Ekonomi Publik/

      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description 
up Parent Directory 07-Aug-2018 10:24 - directory ekonomi publik 07-Aug-2018 10:39 - unknown 1. ROLE AND FUNCTION OF THE GOVERNMENT.ppt 07-Aug-2018 10:23 2488k unknown 2. PRIVATE GOODS, MARKET AND EFFICIENCY.ppt 07-Aug-2018 10:24 636k unknown 3. MARKET FAILURES AND GOVERNMENT INTERVENSION.ppt 07-Aug-2018 10:24 660k unknown 4. PROVISION OF PUBLIC GOODS.ppt 07-Aug-2018 10:24 656k unknown 5. Majority Voting and The Voting Paradox.ppt 07-Aug-2018 10:23 716k

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